Retrospective spice II…

Granny and the Gang customarily dine with Chloe when in Melbourne, its kind of our thing. But we’d bought a Gourmet Traveller to read on the plane which featured an article extolling the virtues of a fab little place in Johnson St, Fitzroy, called The Commoner – so we dumped poor Chloe for once and went in search of fresher pastures. (And now that our favourite dame was profiled on last Sunday’s ABC Arts Program, we suspect her boudoir’ll be too tediously crowded from now on.)

Anyhoo, how pleased we were that we went – what a marvellous, cosy little place; run by a couple of sheilas (Aussie and French) who met and worked in Europe together.




The Commoner serves classic French and English ‘country’ tucker – lovingly cooked without a skerrick of pretension. And it really was wonderful. The place is small and intimate, the staff relaxed and comfortably domestic and it felt like a lovely Sunday lunch at home, without the hassle of serving and washing up. Perfeck. Add to that the informal artwork, the wood-fired oven in the courtyard, the cushioned ambience and a choice little wine list and you’ve got yourself a lazy afternoon of therapeutic bliss. Even the art in the dunny was cool.





And then there was Easter, with the usual hullaballoo and the ceremonial eating of the Easter Bunny for Sunday lunch. We had him both as pie and roasted, and there were all sorts of other goodies including Helen’s fabulous Lamb of God (a yummy middle eastern concoction) and Joy’s scrumptious Greek Easter cake (gotta get the recipe). We were a little light on in the Easter Bonnet stakes this year, mainly because we forgot to remind everyone, but never mind. Jacque looked a treat as always…




…and Marcus took out the prize with a tea-cosy.

We’ve already covered the gallery rounds thank goodness, so the only major event outstanding (we completely forgot to take snaps at Roger’s 70th, and at Bob’s Arts Café) is last Friday night’s fundraiser event, Pick a Portrait, at the Regional Gallery. Not a large crowd, unfortunately – we suspect everyone was suffering from sH/EFS  (school Holiday/Event Fatigue Syndrome) – but heaps of fun and plenty of happy winners nonetheless.



Thanks to Stan Gorton from the Narooma News for the snaps of the Auction Team (Megsie, Penny, Guy and Rach, above) and the lucky winner of the Andy Forsythe portrait, Di Delle Vergin (below.)




For the full pictorial parade, go here.

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