A turnaround for the Canberra Glassworks, wethinks…

We’ve heard all the rumours, now it’s fact! First Clare Belfrage and now Mel George. Warmth and welcome at last at the Canberra Glassworks? You betcha! Strength in numbers.


Mel George, Above the Southern Land, kiln formed glass.

Looks like the Canberra Glassworks might  finally be coming in from the cold; first with the appointment of Clare Belfrage as Creative Director, followed by the exciting news of Mel George’s appointment as Manager of Programs and Artists Services. How fantastic. And with the bonus added value of Jeremy!!  Whacko.

Yes, all these guys do bring strong technical skills and managerial experience courtesy of years at the sharp end of the biz – but the most important element they’ll provide is their genuine vocational generosity. These people love what they do and they like to share the joy around. Sans ego, sans agenda. Warmth and a sincere culture of inclusion is what the Glassworks has been in desperate need of since its inception. Better late than never, we reckon.

Congratulations all round – Clare and her team may at last have a crack at it after all.

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