Friday night gallery g(l)oss…

15 04 2009



We love that dear old gate-keeper at Narek!!  Meanwhile the Gang didn’t do the entire Easter Friday art trail – we left the Bermagui end to Rachel (who had the guest speaker gig at the Cuttagee show.)

Tanja and Wapengo and back to Wyndham was quite enough, we figured, considering it was just the beginning of a huge holiday weekend. Narek had a group wood show on the go, while Ivy Hill hosted two painters and a ceramicist – so there was something for everyone in a relatively short hop.

Also doing the rounds of the coastal cultural fare was the Bega Valley Regional Gallery’s man of the moment, Andrew Forsythe, and wife Amelda Read…




Andrew (winner of last year’s Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award) is currently ensconced in the rural splendour of Tanja as the inaugural recipient of the Gallery’s artist-in-residency program. Taking advantage of the opportunity afforded by the glorious weather and idyllic environment to break loose from the commission and teaching demands back in Melbourne, he’s been spotted by startled locals wandering o’er hill and dale in the company of a charmingly elegant stag’s head. We love that!


andrew-forsythe-in-the-tanja studio


Meanwhile, back at Narek and Ivy Hill, we also crossed paths with some unexpected surprises, not the least being…




…Erik!! Anyhoo, we had a lovely squizz around. And then high-tailed it back to Pa at the hide-out. As you do. 

For more snaps of an abbrieviated evening, go here.

The serious highlight of the night, which we unfortunately don’t have an image of, was the magnificent moonbow we were treated to on the drive home. It’s the first one we’ve ever seen, and it was truly divine.



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