Rose Montebello, a cut above the ordinary…


Rose Montebello, Knot.

    snake-right2  snake-left1  



Friday week ago the Gang fanged across the Monaro to catch Rose Montebello’s latest exhibition, The Feeding Tree, at ArtWranglers – and what a ripper it was. Well worth the three hour drive. And of course there was the added bonus of catching up with all the beautiful peeps on the Canbr’arts circuit, not the least being Nige and the lovely Willameena. We’ll have to break the g(l)oss into two posts, otherwise it’ll be too cumbersome. So here, then, is the show itself.

It’s colour photocopies on board. Too good.



Rose Montebello, Only One.






Rose Montebello, High Branch



Rose Montebello, Feeding Tree

    eagle-right2    eagle-left1



Rose Montebello, Low Point




Rose Montebello, Swallow


and of course the one we showed the other day (…that we’re still kicking ourselves we didn’t buy…)



Rose Montebello, Night Game


For all the inside gen, and more, go to ArtWranglers’  March 19th post.

2 thoughts on “Rose Montebello, a cut above the ordinary…

  1. Ahahaha that’s the one that I wanted too!! But I didn’t even make it to the show, so in no way deserve to complain. Ah regret.

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