Deb’s spare room…

And now for something completely sculptural…


The Debster and Joe’s spare room is deliciously…spare. Just a Johnnie Dady piano, period. We love that. And check out that floor…fah-bulous.




Too good. The room’s still being finished, but essentially will remain as is.




(Hey Nige, speaking of which – where’s the cardboard show at?)

4 thoughts on “Deb’s spare room…

  1. Darling, lucky you!! I wanted to, but the fug of seal on the floor or whatever was too heavy, so Debster wouldn’t let me. By the way – do ya still want to do the Candelo Festival – I’ve moved stuff around, so we’re on if you fancy. n(Ed)

  2. oh man…. i only just saw your message. how good was that floor! who knew an old basketball court could look so good. as for candelo. sorry love i dont think i can anymore, wish i saw your message sooner, im working on the sat now but maybe i can come down soon anyway? if you are ever there! x

  3. Bummer darl – but just come whenever you fancy. I’m calling a moratorium on weekends away from Easter onwards…well that’s the theory, anyways!! n(Ed)

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