Adders: continued…



On Saturday arvo we went to Deb’s studio, Gate 8, via the Wheatsheaf.

  How’s this for a symphony in cracked ice laminate…


           more-wheatsheaf  the-wheatsheaf  wheatsheaf

                                  (click to enlarge)

…actually, that 1950’s kitchen furniture scenario seemed to be everywhere in Adelaide.  Maybe that’s why we like the joint so much.

We got into a session with the Debster for the Tour de Force show and checked out where her head’s at apropos her arts practice…




and naturally she’s heavily into car biz…




…which we seriously applaud – but for an entirely different show altogether. The fabulous thing about Jonesie is that she will not/cannot  be pigeon-holed. Oh yes, there is a God.

Anyhoo, we caught a sneak peek at Jess Loughlin’s wonderful new work…




and then we took ourselves off to the Colonist to check out Nick Folland’s chandelier in situ…




And now we desperately need to win the lotto. We so want one of those. And how fabulous is the decor in those pubs in Adelaide – jesus h christ, that skanky decor at the Colonist is to die for. 

…and finally we went back into town for the Percussion Project. But that’s another post altogether.

For extra arvo snaps go here.

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