Adders: Friday arvo…

The Gang had lunch with Blanche, Nadege and the Debster, before Blanchie whizzed back off to Melbourne…




…and then it was back to the Jam to rendezvous with Brennie, and peel off to check out his studio. He’s in the final throes of  finishing up work for a show at Traver in Tecoma…




    predator4  predator2  predator6

     From the Predator series (click to enlarge)

It was particularly lovely to catch up with him, and shoot the breeze – with any luck we can work on bringing him east-side again soon. Janice soon turned up (hobbling, poor lovie – foot injuries seem to be flavour of the month au moment) and we all wandered around to the nearest waterhole…it was a bit like old home week, really.

And then it was back to the Jam, again, for pre-Dante and Janusz slide show and party drinkies (just for something completely different!), followed by the part-ay itself, with fabbo (swamp) band Los Tonos. It wasn’t a huge night – the youngies were chomping at the bit to get to the Garden of Unearthly Delights for the opening of the Fringe Festival, so we old folk ended up having the band to ourselves. No complaints from this quarter; they even chucked in some Tony Joe White. Heaven.

For more snaps, go here.

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