Greetings from Adelaide…

The Gang’s having a fabbo time over here in lovely Adders. But we’re too far away from our trusty editing suite to bring you all the visuals – we’ll have to sort that out once we’re back home…

Meanwhile we just watched a Dante demo, which was seriously full on, and we’re about to grab some hair of the dog.

Nick says hi, Nige.

We’ll drop in the odd brief post –  just to keep you amused until we’re properly back on line…

By the way – Wish you were here!!

6 thoughts on “Greetings from Adelaide…

  1. Darling!! We’re all too busy creating the gossip to have time to report it!! We’ll give a full and frank account, with snaps, as soon as we get home (and trawl through the mountain of images.) I can tell you that we’re having a ball and avoiding the drinking water (everybody over here is falling enciente it seems – so we’re taking all necessary precautions, ha, ha.) n(Ed)

  2. Hey, we just flew back from The ‘Laide today-if only I had known you were there running amok!! Oddly enough Jimmy Barnes was behind me coming through the security scanner and Doc Neeson a row behind us on the plane. Hmm. Everyone’s in Adelaide. We were in McLaren Vale, so also avoiding the wierd thirsty-making water. Blech.

  3. **I guess with a 3 month old already in tow I should possibly have been worried about more than the taste of the water from what you say?!? Although staying with the outlaws should have remedied that!

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