Yummy, another delicious food blog…

…to feed our boundless appetite…

and delay, yet again, our tragically constant  resolution to start a diet on Monday.




Wendos, now back in Montreal, has just sent through the details of the food blog, www.eatpress.com, she’s launched with her main-squeeze Andrew. Featuring guest contributers, today’s special edition is headlined by none other than lovely Timmy and his fabulous Gingerbread house.

Great looking bloggo, Wendos, and we particularly applaud the ‘recession files’  – though we were interested to see that it’s pretty much what we chow down on even in boom times!! And the tucker-in-season advice is nicely inclusive, with updates supplied for both hemispheres.

The thing we most like about food blogs is that they connect you in an intimate, homely way with the folks that write them. Take Zoe’s, for instance – where we almost feel that we’re sitting at her kitchen table, shelling the peas and smelling the rose water. By the end of the post it’s as close as you can get to dining with her on a regular basis – a virtual dinner party, no dishes, no hangover. Win-win all round.

We’re looking forward to dropping in to Wendos and Andrew’s place – to sup and hang, and see how the Canadian half live…

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