Tevita at CCAS…


Tevita Havea, Vaka Ika

As mentioned in an earlier post, the Gang braved another heat wave to join the funky dudes at CCAS for their first opening of the year –  most specifically to catch the debut of Tevita Havea’s new work, Tales from the Underworld, in the Cube. And we were not disappointed.

Tevita’s kicked up a notch and taken a leap back into the contemporary art stakes. And what a sterling idea – makes for a broad and exciting practice which, of course, will serve his philosophic inclinations well.




It was fabulous to catch up with him, however briefly – and just before he takes off for New York too…but more about that shortly.

There wasn’t much of a crowd, unfortunately – the Art School’s not back yet and it was a hideously hot evening. (Too much for mere mortals, obviously!! The great thing about being a glassie is one’s tolerance for heat; there’s nothing quite like sweating it out in a hotshop on a blistering summer’s day – everything else is cool by comparison. It’s akin to child-birth and pain thresholds.) Anyhoo, there was a respectable smattering of the faithful and it was lovely meeting Maurice…



Maurice Ortega, Mouse

For more snaps go here

…and for exhibition details here.

Apologies to Izabela Pluta – we somehow managed to completely stuff up the photos we took of her work (bad focus, alas)…

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