An all too classic Australia Day long weekend at Wyndham…



Our beloved Jingera is on fire and we’re into the third day of fire bombing and continual chopper action. It’s deep in rough bush so they’ve been dropping in specialty crews…




Makes for great excitement – except for all those poor brave buggers having to go in and deal with it. The fire was kicked off by a lighning strike, of course, and we’re no doubt in for more of the same over the next few months…




Cricket was cancelled – the pitch being needed for more pressing business…


       chopper-61 chopper5 chopper3 chopper-4  fire-chopper

                                         (click to enlarge)



And then yesterday we were confronted by that other scourge of the Great Aussie Summer – the red belly black in the front yard (1.3 meters, no less.)




Today we’re going for the trifecta – and joining the bogans for a barbie at the beach…

2 thoughts on “An all too classic Australia Day long weekend at Wyndham…

  1. Uh-oh we’ve had two of those three in the last week-I’d better keep my eyes peeled and the dogs restrained (and therefore alive) for a slithery friend to complete the trifecta…did you have the big red elvis chopper? It flew over our place all arvo last week bombing a big fire up the road-it’s enormous!!

  2. No darl, Elvis is on duty in more important places. We saw him up close during the big Canberra fires, way back when – he’s very, very impressive.
    Nah, down here we just have about six (at this arvo’s count) little choppers going for it constantly. Too big an ask really; with buckets about the size of a plastic shopping bag (relatively speaking.)
    As for those slitherers, we give them our blessing ordinarily – until they come into the yard…it was Lola who drew our attention to it, it was hanging out in the ivy. We suspect it was the cute little bubba one we spied two years ago when Tom and Rosie stayed over. Back then it was just the sweetest, tiniest thing, and we all cooed over it and let it go. Yeah, well. Not any more – it’s turned into one big mo’fo. Ah well, what can ya do? You don’t want to lose a dog, or have it to slither into darling Dee Dee’s space…

    n (Ed)

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