A southerly blow…


Jules-Joseph Lefebvre, Chloe.

The Gang had a lovely, though rushed, 48 hour sojourn in Melbourne – no business, just a late birthday/xmas catch up with Granny before she goes to Wild China (she’s off down the Mekong…)

So consequently there aren’t many snaps; we were too busy talking-and-eating-and-drinking. And because it was a dedicated Granny-centric trip, we didn’t get into anything particularly cultural. The closest we came was the gorgeous old Cathedral Arcade in the Nicholas Building (where we went to check out Johnny’s Botanica exhibition, only to find the gallery closed)…


      cathedral-arcade arcade-4 arcade-2 arcade

                                      (click to enlarge)



…and drinkies with Blanchie. And we nearly succeeded in catching up with darling Ian Mowbray – but we didn’t find his message on the answering machine until we were about to jump in the car for the journey home.

We did, however, manage a lovely stretch of Chloe time – that’s something we make a point of doing with Granny whenever we get the chance. (Chloe and a decent bottle of bubbly fits the bill for any celebratory occasion, we reckon.)


grannys-birthday bolli lunch1 luncheon-view

and then it was more tucker at Norm and Tina’s…


and one last reminder of the natural state of things…



For those of you who just want to know more about Chloe, go here.

Take one stag leaf’s head…


John Boucher, Leaf One 2008, digital print.

Johnny’s just sent through these fabulous images of his latest digi work, from the pigmentGALLERY’s Botanica exhibition (which opened in Melbourne last Friday.)  

Granny and the Gang dropped by on our way to Young & Jackson’s on Sunday but unfortunately the gallery was closed, so we missed seeing them in the flesh.

The good news is they were snapped up on the night, Pooh tells us. Oh how we love those little red dots, eh!! And Johnny’s (typically modest) aside – “I was just playing around with a stag leaf’s head…”



John Boucher, Leaf Two 2008, digital print.

For anybody in the environs of the Nicholas Building (cnr Swanson St and Flinders Lane) the show’s on until the 20th December.

For more info go here.

On the road…

The Mamana Mamanta express is off and running…




…first stop Tandanya in Adelaide.

Darlings! Jas has just sent through this cute snap of the kick-off of Jock and Luna’s historic travelling exhibition – capping off an action packed week for Loons, who also just picked up a prestigious Canberra Critic’s Circle Award. Congratulations sweets – seriously deserved.

The tour dates for the exhibition are as follows…

(Media release courtesy of CraftACT) 





Mamana Mamanta

Gradual Friendship

Mamana Mamanta: Gradual Friendship

Luna Ryan and Jock Puautjimi

An exhibition of ground breaking sculptural glass works by Luna Ryan and Tiwi Island artist Jock Puautjimi. Mamana Mamanta is the story of a gradual friendship and a celebration of cultures.


Tandanya, National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, SA

9 January – 1 March 2009


Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, NSW

13 March – 26 April 2009


Orange Regional Gallery, NSW

8 May – 28 June 2009


Territory Craft, Darwin NT

15 – 30 August 2009


Wagga Wagga National Glass Gallery, NSW

15 January – 7 March 2010


Artisan, QLD

3 June – 10 July 2010


For further information go to the Mamana Mamanta website at CraftACT (…and check out Megsie’s ripper education kit!!)

Megsie’s first day in the job…

For those of you who may not have caught up with the Gang’s latest round of excitement – Megsie’s the new curator at the Bega Regional Gallery. And today was her first day at work…




Primo business of the day, of course, was a power meeting at the Red Café with über-boss (Cultural Services Co-ordinator) Penny Amberg and the gallery’s Public Program diva Rachel Burns.

And it was certainly a case of hitting the ground running – there’ll be no rest for the wicked in this gig, my friends. Not that Megsie’s complaining  (she relishes a bit of a challenge, as you well know…)

Lunch at Georgie’s



The Gang attended the local Arts Network (a loose conglomerate of local arts functionaries/advisers/advocates/practitioners) Christmas lunch at Georgina’s Cucina at Wapengo last week. This is only the second such occasion that we’ve been to and it’s a very interesting cross-section of bods from arts organisations across the breadth of the shire – and, obviously, a particularly useful mechanism for disseminating news around the various cultural interest groups…


lunch andrew karen

prues-turn1 heidi (click to enlarge)


And it was lovely tucker, as you would expect…




And Georgie announced her new accommodation option – for those of you  who want to enjoy an evening of wining and dining without the anxiety of driving home afterwards…or perhaps you’re looking for a  tranquil coastal bush weekend, with gourmet food on tap…


             georgies-cucina-2  georgies-cucina-11


How fabulous…we’re already racking our brain for a suitable excuse!!

Late g(l)oss from the CAPO25 Gala…

Luna has kindly sent through a couple of snaps from CAPO’s big night of night’s last week (particulary gala, ‘cos it’s the 25th anniversary). This first one of Marie Hagerty (with Robbie)…




…presumably captures the moments following the announcement that she had taken out this year’s Rosalie Gascoigne Award. Congrats, Marie.




The lovely Alex and Gretel were in attendance, we see –  and as we have no snap of 2008 CAPO Fellow Liz Kelly, we conclude that perhaps she was absent on the night. Congrats Liz, in any case. Great stuff!

Nothing appears to have been loaded onto the CAPO site yet, but for your ongoing curiosity go to http://www.capo.org.au/