A cracker of a Christmas…



Well, the Gang had a lovely Xmas out at Marcus and Helen’s this year. After a week of scousie weather the sun burst forth and we all hopped into the classic aussie seafood fest. And then some. The only thing missing, of course, was the kids (who are somewhere in the Mexican jungle, hanging out in Mayan ruins.) And we left the dogs at home –  figured we could do without the relentless romping around with Spike…

Perfeck, it was. Just a few snaps here

Ha, ha, ha, not (really though, ya gotta laugh)!! Just had a phone call from Sammy Jo and Ginger, who ended up spending Xmas huddled in a lone shack by a lagoon in the middle of the jungle – no food or water – surrounded by howler monkeys and jaguars. Then the phone cut out, so we’ll get the rest of the story in due course…Meanwhile, my darlings – for when you do finally manage to get back to civilization and a computer screen – we thought we should share a little of our grande bouffe festive fare…



Post script: Papa is rather alarmed, though…stick to the well-beaten tracks from here on in, okay?

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