Ho Heydy Ho…


Tom Moore, Car Wings

                            HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!




The Gang had a lovely pre-xmas fall-about with our darling old pal (and blowing partner) Netty, who dropped in for a night on her way to the family Coastal Christmas Camp. (…For those of you who may find this a tad confusing, over the course of our study at the ANU School of Art Glass Workshop the Gang had three principal blowing partners; Katie, Netster and Brennie – all of whom we love madly, as you know…)

We gave the Wapengo oysters a good flogging and got into a bit of a duelling-banjos in the wine department – pitting the Rocky Hall wine against some lovely numbers from the Barossa. What can we say, all bloody marvellous…

Meanwhile the doggies had a party of their own, which eventually exhausted them totally…



We’re off to Marcus and Helen’s for a bang-up-jolly today.  Lots of love to you all, and we’ll see you on the other side of the chrissie hang-over….

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