A southerly blow…


Jules-Joseph Lefebvre, Chloe.

The Gang had a lovely, though rushed, 48 hour sojourn in Melbourne – no business, just a late birthday/xmas catch up with Granny before she goes to Wild China (she’s off down the Mekong…)

So consequently there aren’t many snaps; we were too busy talking-and-eating-and-drinking. And because it was a dedicated Granny-centric trip, we didn’t get into anything particularly cultural. The closest we came was the gorgeous old Cathedral Arcade in the Nicholas Building (where we went to check out Johnny’s Botanica exhibition, only to find the gallery closed)…


      cathedral-arcade arcade-4 arcade-2 arcade

                                      (click to enlarge)



…and drinkies with Blanchie. And we nearly succeeded in catching up with darling Ian Mowbray – but we didn’t find his message on the answering machine until we were about to jump in the car for the journey home.

We did, however, manage a lovely stretch of Chloe time – that’s something we make a point of doing with Granny whenever we get the chance. (Chloe and a decent bottle of bubbly fits the bill for any celebratory occasion, we reckon.)


grannys-birthday bolli lunch1 luncheon-view

and then it was more tucker at Norm and Tina’s…


and one last reminder of the natural state of things…



For those of you who just want to know more about Chloe, go here.

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