Lunch at Georgie’s



The Gang attended the local Arts Network (a loose conglomerate of local arts functionaries/advisers/advocates/practitioners) Christmas lunch at Georgina’s Cucina at Wapengo last week. This is only the second such occasion that we’ve been to and it’s a very interesting cross-section of bods from arts organisations across the breadth of the shire – and, obviously, a particularly useful mechanism for disseminating news around the various cultural interest groups…


lunch andrew karen

prues-turn1 heidi (click to enlarge)


And it was lovely tucker, as you would expect…




And Georgie announced her new accommodation option – for those of you  who want to enjoy an evening of wining and dining without the anxiety of driving home afterwards…or perhaps you’re looking for a  tranquil coastal bush weekend, with gourmet food on tap…


             georgies-cucina-2  georgies-cucina-11


How fabulous…we’re already racking our brain for a suitable excuse!!

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