Have poo, will travel…


We’re kicking off our Exotic-ca-ca file. Numero uno, from Terra Nullius, not, hitched a lift to Mexico with Ginger on the first stage of what we expect to be an extensive world tour. (Sammy Jo and Ging will affect a ‘baton change’, and the poo will continue on to Europe.) First stop was a hot glass studio in Mexico City…


Sammy Jo writes:

I´ve attached the poo’s debut in Mexico… the guy who was showing us the workshop gave me a fairly strange look when I whipped it out and put it on the bench for the photo, hahaha! Then Louis and his mate (who had taken us) wanted to see it, and I tried to explain that my mum was a glass artist and had made it, and sent it over to take photos as a bit fun… I don´t know that I explained it well enough, they were just like ´óh… that´s very nice…´´ I was like no, no, she makes other things too!! hahaha.

That’s a marver, darling, not a ‘bench’…

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