Brizvegas serves up some lush Christmas fare…


       (Get a load of nursie…!)

Before we launch into the excitement of the Optimism opening, we thought we’d share some craziness along the way. Having flown out of Canberra at Sparrows Fart, the Gang arrived in Brisvegas almost before we left, courtesy of daylight savings (which it seems that Queenslanders are still quasi weird about – has it really been 37 years since we argued the toss with our banana-bender grandma about daylight savings fading the blinds?) Anyhoo, we caught the Airtrain into the city and arrived so early that contacting anybody was beyond the bounds of accepted civilised behaviour (especially as we suspected Ritchie would have tied one on the night before…) and so we mooched around having coffee until at last we figured he might be stirring…by which time darling Timmy and Art were due for brekky…




How gorgey it was to catch up with all the goss. And to meet Art at last. And to see that Ritchie hasn’t lost his penchant for orange. We stowed our bags (we were booked into the Royal Albert but of course it was still to early to access the room…) and wandered off through the Queen St Mall on our way to GoMA for the morning’s Media Launch when, low and behold, we found ourselves in the midst of a Lions Club Christmas Cake Competition/Extravaganza. Omigod, here was outsider art at its most fondant fundament!




                cake-comp1 cake-comp3 cake-comp4 

                                           (click to enlarge)

               timmy cake-comp6 cake-comp-2 cake-comp


Perfeck way to start a perfeck day…

And how tropical-topical, in view of the Scott Redford piece we were about to see in the exhibition; The High/Perpetual Xmas, No abstractions 2008 (Live from Brizvegas)

Coming soon…


Access all orifices…the Gang does GoMA.




Well, we’re back from our super swift sojourn in bewdiful Brisvegas – and we had the best time imaginable. Great company, fabulous show, and a good serve of quality mayhem. Megsie crippled herself trying to wear sexy high-heels (silly old bag is still limping pathetically), but apart from that foolishness it was all GOOD. We’ll bring you all the goss and gander in the not-too-distant-future.

In the meantime we had one last day at the beach yesterday with Ginger, who’s off to Mexico on Wednesday…




and yet again we found the cutest critter…




                      (click to enlarge)


La Groppa was there too, but she was more camera shy than the octopussy…

Off to Brisvegas…



The Gang’s off to Brisvegas today. We’re going up for the opening of ‘Optimism’, which is trés exciting, but the real excitement is that we’ll be catching up with the drop-dead gorgeous Timothy Horn, who’s travelled out from New Mexico for the occasion, with Art. Tim’s Medusa is in the exhibition (check it out in the search box.)  But wait, there’s more – Tim’s seriously outré pal Ritchie is also flying up from Flinders, so it’s going to be one fabulously crazy couple of days. Can’t wait.




And not only but also…Tom Moore and the delightful Rosie will be there – Tom’s Autoganic is in the show. He very kindly sent these pictures of the work, because at one stage we feared we weren’t going to be able to make it…




But all’s good and thunderbirds-are-go. We’ll necessarily be off the air for a few of days – but then we’ll be back with a vengeance, with all sorts of visual goodies. David Broker’s going as well, so we do anticipate plenty of rigorous party action and happy snaps to match. Yee har.

(Oh yeah and work. Did we forget to mention that it is a work trip? So we will be doing lots of, you know, work.)


Alex Asch, ‘Land’s End’…


Alex Asch, Land’s End



Darlings!! Jas has just sent through these gorgeous snaps from one of our fave men about town, Alex Asch. Yes, it was Sculpture By The Sea time again in Sydney, and above is Alex’s contribution to SXS 2008. Too good. He also had the three smaller pieces (below) in the Taramara and Bondi Pavilion.


                  alex-at-bondi1      alex-inside-at-bondi1      alex-at-tamarama 

                 (click to enlarge)

Gotta love that work. The exciting news is that he’s been invited to participate in Sculpture on the Sea in Denmark – more news about that on the SXS website. And, of course, you can see more of Alex’s work at Jas Hugonnet Gallery.

We’ve been meaning to do a studio profile of Alex (and Mariana, too, though seperately) for some time now…we’ll get around to it as soon as…

Another foodie contribution from Granny…


Grandma sent us through an article on a restaurant in Beijing that specialises in penises; from donkey to yak, and everything in between. We shan’t bring you the whole spiel (no doubt you’ve already seen it) but thought the above worth posting: “For women, eating penises is supposed to be good for the skin”.

Yeah whatever – the photo pretty much says it all, we reckon…

What’s on at Jas Hugonnet Gallery…



Jas has just sent through notice of an addition to his e-gallery stable; painter Rob Riley.

media release

jas hugonnet gallery is pleased to be representing Rob Riley. Currently working on a new body of work to be launched in May 2009, Riley’s work to date exudes an excellent understanding of composition, abstraction and texture to create a sense of space. To collect Riley’s earlier works before next’s year’s lauch go via the artist’s tab on the jas hugonnet gallery home page.

Check it out at

Wyndham Art Show 2008…

As the crowd listens to speeches and breathlessly awaits the announcement of the winner of this year’s Wyndham Art Prize… 



….we’ll show you a few of our favourites on the night…

We loved Gaida Cirulis’s felt ‘pelt’, entitled On the Fringe (it had already been snapped up before we got there – bummer!)


…and in the primary school section, Beach Girl and the masks (shades of the Mexican wrestling variety) were the stand-outs (unfortunately the list of young exhibitors wasn’t available, so we can’t tell you the names of the kids…)




…and it was great to see such a strong photomedia section, which included a number of works by Paula Tallen, one of which was a ripper silk screen of Bob…




…and we really liked Mark McKenna’s Bronte Beach (a forerunner of Cronulla, perhaps)



We must confess to being more than a little surprised to see that a lot of the work wasn’t recent – not quite sure what that signifies, perhaps they just wanted to open the show to potentially ‘better’ work…

This isn’t a negative per se, but it’s certainly a more common practice to stipulate that work be made within 12 months of a show. Not that you’d hear too many artists complaining, mind you – nothing like giving an old work another run, especially if it hasn’t been seen in the vicinity before.

Megsie didn’t put in a piece, she was up to the clackers moving house and had a number of writing deadlines looming…(though if she’d known that old work was acceptable, she’d have slapped something in for sure.)

Joy of joys, Sue Rourke from the Rocky Hall Wine Company was there again, this time with a verdelho and a shiraz. Seriously good – and they’re about to open a mail order service (with a drop off to the Wyndham store.) Can’t get much better than that!

Anyhoo it was a very pleasant evening all round and an opportunity to catch up with the odd old pal (except there seemed to be a bit of a dearth of the ridgy-didge locals, which is always a bit worrisome.) We were particularly delighted to run into Caroline (who we did etching with, as a sub-major, at our old alma mater, the ANU School of Art) and hubby John who now have a property out at Rocky Hall. For the time being they’re still just coming down from Canberra for odd weekends – but it’s very encouraging to see the sign of a future build-up in our local arts community.

The other highlights of the night were May’s specky flower arrangements. For more snaps of the show (and the Wyndham A-list crowd!!) go here.

Stop press: the prize went to a work we hadn’t photographed, Don Berendsen’s digital print 4079.7926.

Blue and smokin’…



Rachel’s just sent through the poster for the latest Bega Regional Gallery hip musical heppenin’ – Melbourne blues band The Brothers Grim, this coming Sunday at 4pm (yep, that’s the day after tomorrow…)

See ya there.

Post-the post-script:

The band was brilliant; ex-Canberra boys plus additional Melbourne groove. We didn’t take many snaps, too enthralled by the show!! Anyhoo, just for the record…


brothers-grim-2  john-dave  the-boys  brothers-grim

…the band, John & Dave, those lovely boys from Studio 157, more band…

(click to enlarge)

Mate!! Good enough for the Queen…


For all you chaps out there flush with a sack of lazy foodie-travel money, Granny’s just sent through this fabbo new website of an ab-fab joint in Umbria owned by Jenny and David Nichols (friends of our little bro, Phil.) The old chook’s visited a couple of times during the renovations (it started out as an absolute ruin – serious shades of Grand Designs) but it’s now up and running in all it’s drop-dead glory…

Check it out at 

…send us a postcard, eh?

(Meanwhile, we’ll give you a ring if we win Tattslotto, Zoe – and send you across to review it for progressivedinnerparty!!)