OMIGOD!! Introducing darling little Dee Dee Violet…


How bizarre – right on the heels of Aric’s post, word arrived last night of the arrival of Dee Dee Violet Lau. Katie Lau was also in that Glass Workshop intake of 2000, and a great mate (we were blowing partners for the duration of the degree.)




Katie, who married Martin in a gorgeous ceremony on the headland at Balmoral Beach a few years ago, has been on imminent bub alert for the last coupla weeks (obviously!) and we’ve been sitting on the edge of our seat awaiting the news…




For those of you who are into the statistics, she weighed in at 8 pounds 3 ounces.




We love the name – Dee Dee Violet, just adorable. All our love, guys. Can’t wait to catch up properly…

3 thoughts on “OMIGOD!! Introducing darling little Dee Dee Violet…

  1. Wendos!! How funny – fair dinkum, while I was writing that post I kept thinking about how you would probably be the most chuffed by the news!! It’s seriously happy happy joy joy.
    Catch ya, darling, n(Ed)

  2. Hi Megs and Wendos!
    Thanks for the lovely post, we are simultaneously completely knackered and totally besotted.
    Wendy I will get your email address from megs, would love to know what you are up to…
    Megs hope we might catch you for a baby intro sooner rather than later
    Xx k

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