Brizvegas: the other ‘alf…

This is where we declare no bias as regards our enjoyment of the trip north to the land of our forefathers (the Gang being 5th generation Oz on the Queensland side of the family)…!!!



 Regan Tamanui, Such is Life

Now, where were we? Ah yes, the media launch. It was all very pleasant indeed and when we finally managed to tear ourselves away from the generous hospitality of the upstairs bar, we wandered off to the West End in search of a spot of late lunch at the Gun Club. Great food and a bucket or two of beer – and we were too busy talking to remember to take snaps so you’ll just have to take our word for it. And then suddenly it was 4.30, and we had to scramble back to our respective hotels to frock up for the evening frolic…

So it was more of the same, this time with a larger cast of extras. But we’d had the best of it in the morning, frankly. Except Judith Lucy, who we love, doing a stand-up routine – that was a bonus. This time around the tucker careered wildly between being surprisingly twee, or just strangely ordinaire; it had lost the charm and promise of the morning (a victim of the catering logistics, we surmise.) Not that it mattered – the art was still fah-bulous. And we found Neddy lurking under the stairwell (we’d managed to miss him entirely earlier.) Didn’t run across the lovely Mr Broker in the end – but you know how crowded those opening doos can get…

Finally we called it a night and went back to Megsie’s room at the Royal Albert for a nightcap; a Marakovsky, darlings, an old fave tipple. Great accommodation, by the way, if anybody’s looking for somewhere good to stay in Brizzie. We checked out Ritchie’s room as well, two floors below, when we went to grab the champers – same deal, but strangely split level. Anyhoo, seriously comfortable beds, way spacious rooms, and the place in general teeters on the plush side.

Then all too soon it was time for big hugs and goodbyes…




…the boys took off in the morning – Tim and Art Stateside, and Ritchie to Melbourne – and the Gang filled in the day scoping Artisan (Craft Queensland) over in Fortitude Valley (great gallery shop, btw) and generally just mooching until it was time for our arvo flight back to the ‘Berra. Short and sweet, it was. And just as well – we got out before the following day’s super destructo deluge.

Lots more goodies to feast your eyes on, here.

2 thoughts on “Brizvegas: the other ‘alf…

  1. Hey Megsie
    Great to see some pics of Optimism – can’t wait to go up and see it. Dead jealous that you got to see Tim – hopefully he will be travelling further south next time.
    Do you have an email address now that you’re settled in Wyndham – the only one I have for you is at CSA
    Hope you have recovered from your brissie trip – send me your email and phone number!
    LOL Branche

  2. Yeah Blanchie – I’ll send it on a secure line(!)
    It was lovely catching up with Tim, but he had limited time (hence our dash to Brizvegas). He’s promised to come for longer next trip, and actually hang out in holiday mode.
    Meanwhile I’m still trying to pull a quickie to Melbourne, hopefully in December – I want to catch up with Grandma before she takes off up the Mekong. I’ll let you know if I swing it. n(Ed)

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