Off to Brisvegas…



The Gang’s off to Brisvegas today. We’re going up for the opening of ‘Optimism’, which is trés exciting, but the real excitement is that we’ll be catching up with the drop-dead gorgeous Timothy Horn, who’s travelled out from New Mexico for the occasion, with Art. Tim’s Medusa is in the exhibition (check it out in the search box.)  But wait, there’s more – Tim’s seriously outré pal Ritchie is also flying up from Flinders, so it’s going to be one fabulously crazy couple of days. Can’t wait.




And not only but also…Tom Moore and the delightful Rosie will be there – Tom’s Autoganic is in the show. He very kindly sent these pictures of the work, because at one stage we feared we weren’t going to be able to make it…




But all’s good and thunderbirds-are-go. We’ll necessarily be off the air for a few of days – but then we’ll be back with a vengeance, with all sorts of visual goodies. David Broker’s going as well, so we do anticipate plenty of rigorous party action and happy snaps to match. Yee har.

(Oh yeah and work. Did we forget to mention that it is a work trip? So we will be doing lots of, you know, work.)


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