Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen…

14 10 2008


Big night out in Candelo..



On Friday night Luna and the Gang had the best night out imaginable at the Candelo Art Society’s thrilling treat of the year (we’re into the hyperbolic, as you know!!), Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen. Just our cup of tea – dark, funny, classic virtuosity, serious manliness…need we go on? Everything you want in good theatre. If these blokes are ever coming to a venue near you, go for gawdsake. We loved ’em.




                                   (click to enlarge)


…and what a brilliant night all round. The ‘light refreshments’ served after the show proved to be good old fashioned full-blown country hospitality, and we would’ve stayed around for a lovely natter with various folks had Ginger not turned up in a frazzle to drag us home for the latest emergency chez nous – security trainee Lola was out of the yard and on the loose (never a good look in the country.) So we had to beat a hasty retreat…

Bummer, but never mind – Lola was back by the time we got home (we suspect she’d just been hiding from Ging, either that or it was a ploy to get us to leave early!) so Luna pulled out her squeeze-box and we partied on regardless…




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