Wyndham blues…

Wyndham, it seems, has become the blues ‘pocket’ of the Far South Coast (with music at the pub following every monthly market) and yesterday was the biggie; a live recording for a CD of ‘the best of’…



We sauntered down for a perv and it turned into a very pleasant afternoon; sunshine, music, coldies, and lots of peeps.

The bloke behind this blossoming music renaissance is Sharon Cornthwaite’s hubby, Dave Sparks, who runs Pirate Recording Studio at Bournda, and it’s obviously quite the happening thang.

Not many sheilas in the mix we noticed (and if they were, they seemed relegated to snare drums or bongos – we pondered the metaphoric connotations of that all arvo!!) and the Wyndham Pub does make a perfect setting for the blues, no question…

In the very words of my own wise little brother, “it is what it is.”

Snaps of proceedings (although we did miss a chunk of the beginning…) here.



                            Tony, from Pericoe – a clear crowd favourite.

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