Gallery opening in Candelo…


On our way back home from shed hunting at the big(!) Bega Expo yesterday the Gang stopped off at Candelo for the gala opening of The Crossing Gallery – the latest entry in the Bega Valley cultural stakes. It was a trés stylish, late afternoon affair with superior nibbles, a really fabulous local band and a decent turnout of the wider district’s arts mob. (The gallery’s housed in Baz and Geordie’s old fish’n chipper – if you go back that far – on the corner, by the bridge.)

It’s all been gussied up very nicely (white walls/polished floor/spotties) and while the gallery space itself is relatively small there is a large outdoor area, to the side, which accommodates a sculpture garden. The inaugural exhibition itself was a somewhat mixed(group) affair – and we’ve absolutely no idea whether they intend to continue in this vein or opt for snappier solo shows…suffice to say we’ll be watching developments with great interest.



The painted chicken wire doggy on the tucker box (by Wendy King) was our personal fave.

More pics of the opening action here.

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