Procter par-tay at Sabbia…

The Netster came through with the goods yesterday, having volunteered to be the Gang’s roving reporter at last Friday night’s opening of In Essence: The Legacy of Stephen Procter, at Sabbia. Once there however she got so caught up in the social swill that she almost forgot […don’t worry darl, happens to us all the time. n(Ed)] – so the flick around’s a wee bit truncated…



Doesn’t matter, it’s all good. Brennie’s piece (above) – and Brennie for that matter – feature large, which is only to be expected given the Gang’s own (entirely non-biblical) proclivities. And there’s a nice little core sample of the crowd – which was clearly Canberra-centric, as you can see…




         (click to enlarge)

Looks like everyone was having a lovely time. Jane wasn’t there after all, which was a shame (luckily we didn’t belt up to see her especially!!) – guess we’ll all just have to catch up with her OT.

Meanwhile, thanks Netty, dang good job ♥♥♥



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