Country Show Central…

Our dear old mate Julie Cuerden-Clifford sent through a couple of snaps from the opening of The Country Show exhibition (held at the ANU School of Art Foyer Gallery recently) which we’d missed, sad to say – though La Gropp had filled us in, painting a marvellous portrait of Jules, centre stage, spun into the guise of the Fairy Floss Fairy! Everybody hopped straight in and started to eat her, apparently – what a wonderful departure from boring old bickies ‘n cheese.



We’re not sure if the sheep dog was actually doing trials but there was plenty of classic country show action nonetheless; including (prints of) ring events, crotchet-ed cake cosies, knitted vegetables, sundry preserves and a clot of country cookery…all in a class of its own.




It was such a success and so much fun that there’s serious talk of it becoming an annual event (in which case we are sooo going to put in something ourselves next year…)

Thanks Jules ♥♥♥

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