Ode to Lake George…

19 09 2008

Before the Sketching-DAC:CAC program set in we managed to catch the tail end of Baseline: Remnant Grasslands of Weereewa/Lake George (featuring the work of Beth Hatton and Christine James) and weaving in and out of time (Caroline Huf).

Omigod, what a gorgeous exhibition!!


Christine Jame’s work above, and Beth Hatton’s below




Beth Hatton’s woven pieces, in particular, were just incredible – and so evocative of the post-colonial ecology of the topographically mysterious Lake George. Apparently the field trip (which headlined the public program component of the exhibition) was really something – one of those ‘stand-out heppenings’ you forever kick yourself for not attending. Bummer.

And Caroline Huff’s work in Gallery 2 was wunderbar too – though, of course, on an entirely different tack altogether…



Treat yourself to more visuals here.



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17 07 2014
Shadows at Barometer Gallery | It's Crow Time

[…] inspiring work on her website Beth was named a Living Treasure Master of Australian Craft 2008-2010 Baseline: Remnant Grasslands Weereewa / Lake George more photos There is also some wonderful digital prints on large cloth and discharge dyed pogaji […]

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