The Gang indulges in some Hensonist popularism of its own…


WARNING!!  Ethical parental permissions were neither sought nor given for the following ‘artistic’ activity…





These snaps of Ginger, the Gang’s most significant Work-In-Progress (Sammy Jo now being pretty much resolved), and her mate Kobi getting frocked up for a kinky-themed party out at sleepy Murrumbatemen, were taken earlier in the year – prior to the Henson/Roslyn Oxley9 frazzle. Which has no aesthetic connection whatsoever apart from the obvious lack of shadowy, insinuating undertone…

Meanwhile, on a more serious note, the Henson controversy refuses to subside – the outré media attention, of course, has thrown the market a bone and speculation has subsequently taken on a life of its own. ArtWranglers (always on the pulse) has been keeping us abreast of ongoing, pertinent developments

…and having looked at the image currently in question (Menzies Art Brands lot#214) we have to concur that this is starting to get a little harder to defend.

3 thoughts on “The Gang indulges in some Hensonist popularism of its own…

  1. Darl, I’m from the ‘burn the bra generation’ and hopelessly boring in the lingerie department. Their father and I have been looking at each other askance and rolling our eyes for years now whilst we’ve pegged the kids’ scanty exotica on the line (- well, SJ’s at least.)

    Great post on crazybrave ( by the way, Zo. n(Ed)

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