When the cross-over thing gets murky…


Look, lordy knows we’re all for trans-medium shake ups in the arts (we stoutly encourage them in fact), but standards are standards folks and if you want to use glass then at least respect it sufficiently to do it well.



Nell’s latest offering, A white bird flies in the mist, a black bird flies in the night, a woman walks, wild and free, she is not afraid to die, 2008 [installation Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne] courtesy of Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, is the perfect example of the problem. No glassie of any standing would be allowed to get away with publicly exhibiting such badly crafted/finished work, so why the hell should anybody else? 

As she gives no accreditation – mind you, no professional gaffer would put their hand up for this lot – are we to presume that Nell herself made them? (…this might, at least, explain the obvious lack of mastery…)




And yes, we get that it’s a pop/Pacman-esque critter (see a previous article in Artlink) but that doesn’t excuse the drack workmanship.

Our advice to Nell, with all due respect, is (if you want to be so literal) to at least go out and hire yourself a competent blower and/or team… 




    …just give ’em your (very cute) drawing and bob’ll-be-your-uncle, no sweat.

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