A quick trip to Sydders…

We’ve had to park a fair bit of news for the last couple of weeks while Megsie was up in the ‘Berra working at Craft ACT – but we’ll start dropping it in from here on in. The biggest and most exciting was that La Gropp and the Gang did an overnight dash to Sydney two weekends ago to spend a nanosecond with our fave Seattle expat, James Minson.



(above l-r) James, Laurie and that Gympie pineapple (country/kinky/best man business?)

James was briefly in Oz for his brother Laurie’s wedding in Tamworth and was flying under the glass radar (the visit being short and family.) Laurie himself arrived about the same time as we did, having flown in straight from a gig at Gympie (he plays in Lee Kernaghan’s band), so it was a mad reunion for James on two simultaneous fronts. He handled it all with his usual sang froid of course, and didn’t even blink when Laurie pulled out the welcome home pineapple…(it’s a country thing, we figure.)

Anyhoo we had a lovely time catching up and wining and dining and strolling and shopping and all those semi-relaxed touristy things that one does in Sydders on such a short stay. We didn’t thrash around trying to catch the Biennale, not enough quality time to do both things justice (we were, after all, primarily there just to see James.) So we compiled our own little collection of special ‘public art sightings’ taken during the course of our wanderings…




(Click to enlarge) top through bottom: high-end graffiti(!?), plants at DJ’s, Napier Waller (we’re presuming), neon at Manly, nature does it best (figa), shed. 

We took the ferry to Manly on the Sunday, for that quintessential Sydney experience (you can’t not go out on the harbour) and then jumped on the bus back to the ‘Berra. Loverly.

For more happy snaps go here.

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