Craft ACT’s DAC:CAC Wrap Party – the Bingo! Extravaganza…

8 09 2008

(above) Old Nanna Babs takes a break for a shandie at the Craft ACT Bingo! Extravaganza evening


Craft ACT turned the gallery into a bingo hall on Saturday night to wrap up this year’s Sketching-DAC:CAC program, hosting a full house of punters keen to vie for the classy spread of very superior booty. All the goodies were, it goes without saying, craft-centric and there wasn’t one item up for grabs that truly wasn’t worth coveting. We’re talking everything from textiles to jewellery to hampers (plump with gourmet comestibles kindly donated, that very morning, by all our favourite stallholders out at the Farmers’ Market at Epic.)

The evening was so well attended that the Nanna Pack had to scramble for more tables to accommodate the happy throng (…ah yes, all those naughty buggers who hadn’t booked…) and we could have catered for three times as many lolly bags we reckon, but never mind – there was plenty of homemade soup to last the distance (…just)

With Catherine Reid’s porcelain lights still gracing the space it was possibly one of the schmickest bingo halls you’re likely to stumble across – in fact the only tacky note on the night was Nanna Bingo’s repartee (but of course that  was to be expected…)

We’d like to reassure everybody that no real Nanna’s were injured during the course of play, nor gambling habits hooked by those attending.

For snaps of the genteel mayhem go here.



4 responses

9 09 2008
ampersand duck

Looks fabulous, and doesn’t Barb look wonderfully nanna-ish, apart from the fact that there’s not a line on her face! Love your pink rollers!

Would have loved to go — the last Bingo night was so much fun — but we were double- booked with the Kransky Sisters for a slightly different bout of retro fun.

9 09 2008

Mate!! I would have loved to have seen the Kransky Sisters – god, were they fabulous? And you weren’t alone with that more than reasonable excuse – Jules was going too…oh how envious we is! n(Ed)

10 09 2008
Barbara McConchie

Well Darls, you know that lovely nubile young Miss Jane did arrive at Bingo for the first game only to slip off to see the Kransky Sisters – apparently they did some delightful but very different songs. But she is so young and full of energy that she even came back after the Kransky sisters to catch the jackpot game. Such enthusiasm from the youth of today darl. By the way deary, Oil of Ulan has never let me down keeping my skin fresh and unlined all these long years.
I lift my shandie to you Nanna Bingo for keeping this lot in check and arbritrating with such a firm hand, really Nanna – you’ve got the knack.

11 09 2008

Ah, we wondered where Jane had snuck off to – we noticed her slipping out and then back again later (Nanna Bingo misses nothing!!) We do love a girl who can multi-task – must be all that guberment training. n(Ed)

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