Innovation central…


Local Innovations kicked off at Craft ACT last night with a double-header featuring the product launch of Catherine Reid’s new range of trés elegant porcelain lights and the CIT Fashion Department’s annual student parade. The storeroom at Craft ACT has never seen so much frou frou action and after an afternoon of dress rehearsal and all-round tweaking the show finally went off with a serious bang in front of a large audience of family, friends and familiar others.  

Local winery Lerida Eastate kindly donated the plonk for the event and we’re happy to report that the rosé was surprisingly good (we’re always on the lookout for a decent rosé…); a happy explosion of passionfruit notes – really quite luscious. Anyhoo, a most enjoyable evening was clearly had by all, with many punters opining that this year’s parade was the best yet. Congrats to all involved (including the sound and lighting students who put together the funky backdrop.)

For snaps of the highlights go here.

2 thoughts on “Innovation central…

  1. Hey darl, thanks for alerting me! I’ve been playing musical chairs on computers at Craft for the last fortnight and it’s all been a bit of a techno bugger (epecially when I had to use the laptop – a sure recipe for disaster, I tells ya, cos it was touch sensitive and went off in all sorts of unintended directions) Anyhoo we’ve just arrived back at the hideout and, after a mandatory inspection of the daffs in the garden, I jumped onto my own lovely, familiar ‘puter, found your message and put the Flickr thing to rights.
    Jeez it’s lovely to be back home (apart from all the things Lola’s destroyed in our absence…) n(Ed)

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