Art terrorism at Craft ACT…


It began on the Tuesday – an anonymous Coalition of the Wickedly Creative (aka Nigel Lendon’s Wet Dream Support Group) turned up at Craft ACT to start installation of a progressive artwork entitled Power and the Puce.








Shortly after their departure, Nigel himself turned up with his piece, Le Monde de l’Art a la Langue Fourchue…



Which elicited (on the morrow) the following response…





with the accompanying note…


Dear Nigel

As your spontaneous support group we are pleased to offer images that may linger in your subconscious, as they ‘are’ burning impressions in ours. This morning we were delighted to find what we so boldly perceive as your response. A weeding tool ‘No’, I feel the burning desire to identify the mystery object of the week on the Collectors.

Yes they are my hands gently planting the weeds of collaboration, and others shall offer further insights and gifts for your benefit, we hope. Though we must remain a mystery, as we are dedicated to heightening the collaborative experience of communication through objects, free of identification. Let Shifting perspectives be a venue for free dialogue in this ‘not large’ community we behold.

Sincerely yours

Nigella Leming



To which Nigel has now replied….


Dear Nigella, (and the gang at “” for I fear they may not have got your message at that address). I am delighted that our mutual interests have at least stimulated nocturnal expression (as suggested by your title), and that the poetic potential of the readymade, (or readymade altered) has further stimulated your dreams. I fear, however, that the cold dawn of the corridors chez Bunnings may dampen the ardour of your sentiments. And for the art that comes readymade in virtual space, you have about four hours to join in the Batmania at ArtWranglers at Hope you’re up in time to catch it! P.S. the organ in question is a  “tongue”, not a “tounge”, although there is a “lounge” in Shifting Perspectives…

See you there!

yours, Nigel



We now await Power and the Puce, mark III, and the continuing build-up over the week.


And (with any luck) ‘anonymous’ may be outed during the Shifting Perspectives II closing party – next Monday night (1st September) from 5pm in the gallery at Craft ACT – at the very scene of the crime, so to speak…


[The ‘yohoo gang’ is not to be confused with the Kelly Gang – a different kettle of fish altogether. n(Ed)] 



4 thoughts on “Art terrorism at Craft ACT…

  1. I do hope the self-outing by the Nigella gang does not result in a loss of nerve? How good can their “art” get in the next four days? Speaking from the cross, as it were, I hope I live to see a paradigm shift take place. Maybe by Monday? But beware, dear Nigella, the forked tongue of the world of craft…

  2. Forked tongues and Lounges stir my dreams, but not a pussy to be seen, not in my dreams. Yes I have been called away to a place interstate so my pysical presence is lacking, until Monday. I call collaborators of any kind to come forth and do their best, join in. The nigella gang is not sleeping.
    Yours subconsciously
    Nigella Leming

  3. Dearest Nigella,

    In keeping with our anonimity i took steps on Saturday to further disguise our identity. I feel that now the crime has been comitted, we must act swiftly to distance ourselves, lest we fall victim to violent forked tongue persecution.
    One chooses to remain anonymous and trust that your discretion in this regard can be relied upon.

    Yours in the pursuit of clandestine collaboration

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