Ranamok 2008: And The Winner Is…








Ranamok 2008 winner Matthew Ryan with Klausie.

The winning piece, A Net for Light #1, cast furnace glass, hot formed, cold worked.

Well, it’s all over for another year. Last night was the big launch of Ranamok 2008 at the Canberra Glassworks –  and Matthew Ryan took out the $10,000 acquisitive prize (which he didn’t seem too unhappy about!) The Gang had a fab time catching up with the mob – and then of course we wandered off to the Belgium joint in Kingston for a debrief over a bucket or two of beer…and to take the vote on this year’s woofer. 

Anyhoo, for the Gang’s money, Brenden Scott French and Lisa Cahill were Best in Show. And the teddy bear was kinda cute, and we particularly liked Netty Blair’s Pop and Nanna in preserving jars, and Hilary Crawford’s Inky, and…and…

No great gossip to share – the speeches went on far too long (thankfully we escaped and so didn’t have to endure them…) and it was a respectable, if not overwhelmingly huge, crowd.

For happy snaps of the night go here


(We can’t divulge the winner of the Dog, sorry –  it will, as always, remain a closely guarded secret )

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