Dispatch central…


We had a ripper evening over at Matthew Curtis and Harriet Schwarzrock’s studio in Queanbeyhole on the weekend – Matt and Harry threw a huge bon voyage party for all the work they’re about to send off to Cleveland, Ohio, for their upcoming two-man show at Thomas R Riley Galleries. And the joint was really pumping.

Everyman and his glass dog turned up, naturally, and between the hotshop demos and the serious barista bar and tables literally groaning with gourmet tucker, it was a very superior affair all round. The bad news is that while grappling with an unfamiliar computer set-up the following day, we managed to delete 98% of our snaps – boo hoo – so we can’t bring you blanket coverage of the event as intended…

Never mind – we’ve made some amends by rushing back yesterday morning to re-take snaps of the work, at least,  before it was crated up…you’ll just have to imagine the rest…

Studio/workshop images (and a handful of surviving party shots) here.


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