Postcard from Ireland…

Glass: of the pint variety…


While Sammy Jo’s been choofing around on the Royal Scotsman, Chris took himself off on a 10 day tour of Ireland –  with the Guinness Brewery an obvious highlight. Fair enough and all. He visited lots of crags and pubs and cliffs and pubs and castles and pubs…and beaches.



It would seem that the Irish aren’t particularly fussed about conservation of the critical micro-ecosystems of their foreshore environments…tsk, tsk.

The tour’s one big bummer was that it didn’t include the ancestral hovel of our beloved Ned  – well, the farm cottage, actually, from which daddy Red Kelly stole the two pigs (resulting in his conviction and transportation for the term of his naturals)  – which is being turned into a tourist trap by all accounts.

“…The remains of the cottage will be surrounded by what organisers say will be a “modern interpretation of a convict transport ship” and a four-storey replica of Ned Kelly’s famous helmet will be built at one end…”

Stay tuned for The Big Ned. (And check out this ABC radio feature)

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