Lost in the mail…

16 08 2008

In keeping with classic postcard tradition, this little number from the GAS conference in Portland has arrived uber-late. Our man on the ground James Minson lost the file down the mine shaft of his pesky computer…ah, doesn’t matter – just pretend you’re thumbing through an old Who magazine while waiting for your Chinese take-away…


A snap of a lampworking demo (naturally)…  


                                                                  …and Marvin and his mates at the…


      …Uroboris party…                                                 …and Klausie and Sonja…


      …and a snap of the GAS party   …and who knew that Kate had taken up glass?…


       …and a lovely pic of Paul…               …and more of the GAS closing bash…


 And then our roving reporter started to really hit his glasscentralcanberra stride – yeah baby, some of that back alley action, that’s what we’re talkin’ about!! 




                      And the pièce de résistance, the Kenny Shot.




               [James, we’re proud of you, son. n(Ed)]



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