More on Sketching – DAC : CAC (Shifting Perspectives)…

14 08 2008

(above) Judi Elliot’s piece

As we mentioned earlier (see previous post) Craft ACT’s fabulous two-week-think-fest Sketching – DAC: CAC (Designing a Capital: Crafting a City) is on the verge of cranking up again. So it’s time to rattle those dags and put together an art work for Shifting Perspectives II; the one exhibition of the year that’s guaranteed to be a happening thang.’ 

This year’s thematic is Objects of Power. 

Be brave, be involved, go crazy. And yes, we know it’s only about twelve days away – so be spontaneous, people, think fresh! Or failing that just dust something off from your studio shelf that fits the bill (…ah, come on, you know you’ve done it before!!)

Last year’s inaugural show was a beauty; a marvellous mix of work from a very diverse group of bods. We don’t have all the titles unfortunately but we do have images of most of them, so we thought we’d upload it all into two posts, just to give you a better feel for the event…


(above) detail of one of Inko Back’s pieces

First up though, the honour role of participating artists from last year’s…

… week long exhibition event questioning the pesky nature of Canberra’s socio-political identity. A revolving exhibition where politics are moulded by the hands of makers.

Artists: Phobe Knight, Susan Bell, Ron Jackson, Susan Langwill, Holly Gordon, Rebecca Kettle, Jess Kelly, Bernie Slater, U.K Frederick, Michelle Day, Zena Pesta, Elizabeth Paterson, Inko Back, Lucinda Shawcross, Beam, Bev Bruen, Novie Cheech, Rachel Bowak, Megan Munro, Suzanne Moss, Martine Peters, Judi Elliott, Gary Palecek, Ursula Schiemer, Tom Skeehan, Jas Hugonnet, Rhyana Tarlington, Alice McDonald, Jonathan McManus, Phillipa Brady, Tim Dwyer, Jessica Bindoff, David Wills, Stef Rose, Rhebeka Stangret, Elizabeth Mulvaney, Kate Armstead, Patsy Hely, Kate Maurice, Katrina Newbury, Lilly Vermeeseh, J.P. Chapam, Melinda Vaughan, Pauline Raison, Heather Burness, Frank Maconochie, Jane Barney, Leonie Andrews, Mariana del Castillo, Alex Asch, Nigel McRae, Trevelyan Clay, Megan Bottari.





For the first batch of images go here.

Work can be dropped off at the Craft ACT gallery from the 26th August, and picked up following the closing party on Monday 5th Sept. (This is a largely deregulated affair, and work can be delivered at any time throughout the exhibition.)


Jessica Kelly’s work


For more information go to Craft ACT’s website and click onto public programs.



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