And more (Shifting Perspectives)…

14 08 2008

Bev Bruen’s road-kill relics


As you can see the work submitted last year was incredibly varied, and it presented a really fascinating composite of the greater environs of this fair burg…


Alex Asch goes Orwellian (above)


There is no selection process for Shifting Perspectives; all entries will be embraced and accepted in the spirit of true democratic inclusiveness…(!)

For the second batch of images from last year, go here.

And for more detailed information regarding the overall Sketching – DAC:CAC program, go here (and scroll down.)

Again, in case you managed to completely by-pass the last post, the list of participants included…

Artists: Phobe Knight, Susan Bell, Ron Jackson, Susan Langwill, Holly Gordon, Rebecca Kettle, Jess Kelly, Bernie Slater, U.K Frederick, Michelle Day, Zena Pesta, Elizabeth Paterson, Inko Back, Lucinda Shawcross, Beam, Bev Bruen, Novie Cheech, Rachel Bowak, Megan Munro, Suzanne Moss, Martine Peters, Judi Elliott, Gary Palecek, Ursula Schiemer, Tom Skeehan, Jas Hugonnet, Rhyana Tarlington, Alice McDonald, Jonathan McManus, Phillipa Brady, Tim Dwyer, Jessica Bindoff, David Wills, Stef Rose, Rhebeka Stangret, Elizabeth Mulvaney, Kate Armstead, Patsy Hely, Kate Maurice, Katrina Newbury, Lilly Vermeeseh, J.P. Chapam, Melinda Vaughan, Pauline Raison, Heather Burness, Frank Maconochie, Jane Barney, Leonie Andrews, Mariana del Castillo, Alex Asch, Nigel McRae, Trevelyan Clay, Megan Bottari.



                                             Liz Paterson’s cardboard construct



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