Bottle Art: in a class of its own…

The most hilarious bit of tish from the early 1970’s arrived in the post today (from our mate Jas) – a DIY book on bottle art (sic). Just what every glassie needs! We have to fess up that we did see odd examples of it around at the time (we didn’t make any ourselves but, scouts honour.) We thought we’d entertain you with a page every now and again…though we gotta warn you, it’s not real big on quality finish.

We’ll kick off with a project dear to our hearts – the Martini Set…

[Can’t imagine that this little number is likely to enhance my drinking experience. n(Ed)]



(Hey Nige, we can see a side-line in this for Slim. It’s got glass, it’s got glue, and some of the other treasures have got bits of lace and what looks suspiciously like gold paper doilies…)

From 101 Projects for Bottle Cutters by Walter Fischman, 1972.

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