Klaus’s roll-up demo at GAS…

25 07 2008

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Klaus broke out the roll-up demo for GAS again this year, but had to amend it from “The Great Australian Roll-up” to a more generic Yankee version after Tom Rowney broke his leg in the lead up to the conference and Klausie found himself having to find another gaffer. No great drama in the end it seems – Paul Cunningham stepped up to the plate and made it all look like a bit of a doddle (we’ve been watching the vids!) Lovely to see Yoko again (…and hey Terri – Klaus tells us you were in the audience, so a big hi to you too)

Oscillations at Spiral…

24 07 2008


Our old pal Joy Georgeson has just sent through the invitation to the sequal of Southern Oscillations, the Sydney show she shared with fellow Far-South-Coaster Bill Insch earlier in the year. She’s been working like a navvy on a new body of work apparently, which intriguingly includes a 2 metre Montegue Lighthouse. We’re rather looking forward to that!  Opens Friday week at Spiral Gallery – see you all there.

Leader of the Free Glass World inspects Federation Guard…

23 07 2008


Ah, now that’s more like it…

We have nowhere near the objection to this as we had to the other.

The Les Blakebrough show rolls into Bega…

22 07 2008


(above) Tim Moorehouse opening the show



It was a case of deja vu for the Gang last Friday night when Les Blakebrough: Ceramics opened at the Bega Regional Gallery. This exhibition, the first in Object’s Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft series, has been doing the rounds of all the regional galleries since it was first launched in 2005 (so we’ve had the opportunity to check it out a couple of times already…)

Tim Moorehead opened the exhibition – sharing lots of personal anecdotes of good times spent with Les in the early days – and the valley’s own Living Treasure Klaus Moje was there, of course, providing that additional touch of cultural clout.

Although only a smallish number of the faithful attended on the evening, no doubt many more will wander through over the next month (the show runs until the 16th August.)

Go here for a peek at the evening’s fare.

More from Tim…

21 07 2008


Timothy Horn’s Villa Medusa, cast silicon rubber.

Tim now has a website! So you can drop what you’re doing and peruse its many charms to your heart’s content. Go to…


Latest offering from Craft Act…

19 07 2008

(above) Beth Hatton, Introducing Species (Settlement series) 2007, redanther wallaby grass, allocasuarina seeds, scotch thistle , yorkshire fog, linen thread. (photo: Ian Hobbs)

Baseline: Remnant Grasslands of Weereewa/Lake George, featuring the work of Sydney textile artist Beth Hatton and Canberra painter Christine James, opened last Thursday at Craft ACT and although the Gang was unable to attend, we had the next best thing – a roving reporter in the guise of Nigel. He very kindly sent through a little snapshot of the evening so we wouldn’t feel that we’d missed out entirely. (Which we really appreciate, thanks Nige.)

Great looking show from here – we’ll have to head straight for it next time we’re up in the ‘Berra. Caroline Huf’s, Weaving in and out of time, is showing in Gallery 2 and the Crucible features Joanne Searle (below left). But wait there’s more…Ruth Parry, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (below right)and Vanessa Samuels, in the front and foyer showcases respectively. It’s a visual feast we tells ya.

For additional info and exhibition dates go to Craft Act’s excellent website

For a brief, but quality, mugshot parade, go here.



Luna Ryan: the road show…

18 07 2008


Luna came through yesterday for an overnight stay on her way to Melbourne to deliver her work to Kirra Gallery for the Capital Glass exhibition (opening next Thursday.) She’s certainly set up for some serious travel nowdays – bike rack ‘n all.  



And while she was down here she received confirmation from Craft ACT director Barb McConchie that the touring of Mamana Mamanta  – see previous posts and, more to the point, Craft Act’s curatorial coverage  is thunderbirds-are-go. It’s all been given the thumbs up by Visions of Australia and will travel in 2009/2010 (to Adelaide, Bathurst, Orange, Darwin, Brisbane and Wagga Wagga – though not necessarily in that order.)

So a huge congrats to both Luna and Jock – and how fabulous that the show will get so much well deserved exposure. We toasted the deed with Megsie’s Blackberry Nip (which is really, really, really, really good – even if we do say so ourselves.)

Which reminds us – filmmaker Les Herstik has made a great little film about Loons and her practice, and it’s up on YouTube. For a serious treat check out…



And speaking of films…in the mail today we received a wonderful surprise from Mr Marvellous Tom Moore – a preview dvd of his ‘glass-o-rama’  episode for ABC’s Artscape. How excitement! You’re gunna have to wait because it’s not scheduled for airing until sometime in November apparently – but we can assure you that it’s classic Tom, very entertaining, and not to be missed.  And it’s peppered with interviews with Nick Mount, Deb (The Leader of the Free Glass World) Jones, and Tom’s very lovely trouble and strife, Rosie. We even caught a glimpse of the Netster. It’s a ripper. We’ll give you a little reminder nudge closer to showtime.