Ian Mowbray’s ‘dead country’…



Ian Mowbray, Harry loved that car


We missed it, boo hoo, but never mind – Ian’s sent through a bundle of consolation with these images from his latest show dead country at Dianne Tanzer Gallery in Melbourne.


Ian Mowbray, Stopped


 You’ll be pleased to see he’s lost none of his characteristic edge… 



           Ian Mowbray (l-r), Harry loved that car, Stopped, Ahh fuck. (Click to enlarge.)

Artist statement for dead country:


A country death is ok.

We must die sometime, why not in the country?

In the great outdoors, surrounded by nature

A sublime and primal death.

Then, to be eaten by ants

Broken down into tiny pieces and carried underground

To be stored for winter.


Ian Mowbray, Ahh fuck.


And he’s also been getting down and dirty in the back seat of a car in a wonderful collaboration with Margaret Dodd for her current show (you’ll need Adobe Reader to open this pdf) at the Jam in Adelaide. Ya gotta love that!



5 thoughts on “Ian Mowbray’s ‘dead country’…

  1. If Deb Jones is the Leader of the Free Glass World, then Mowbray is the Dark Prince! His work at Dianne Tanzer was amazing, the humor – black – with no shades of grey. In my opinion – his work is some of the best in contemporary Australian glass right now.

  2. Hey Blanchie – we heard a rumour that you’re moving back to Canberra (well, to Queanbyhole, to be more precise.) Any troof in the scuttlebutt? n(Ed)

  3. We were seriously thinking about it – as the boot factory has been sold – so only a few months left in Abbotsford … we were thinking that Queanbeyan could be an affordable alternative – but the Bea ain’t what she used to be – real estate costs the same as Melbourne … so we’re staying put …and hoping to find a new workshop in Melbourne – if anyone hears of 100sqm workshop space in Zone 1, please let me know!!

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