Last week’s opening at CCAS…

4 06 2008

Erica Seccombe, video still from Nanoplastica.

Well, what a fantastic show at CCAS Gorman House!! The opening night was stolen by Erica, of course, and not the least because it doubled as her 40th Birthday bash. But even that notwithstanding, her work was a dead-set show stealer, and we take this opportunity to apologise in advance to the two other artists in the exhibition (Ellis Hutch and Carla Cescon) for devoting the lion’s share of our attention on Erica’s work…but man, it literally owned  that gallery space.

Nanoplastica is the culmination of an extended residency with ANU boffins of the x-ray/3-D volume rendering variety – resulting in a spectacular show of morphing yowie animation (yep, the choccy/plastic toy variety.) It’s mesmerising stuff – and quite, quite wonderful. We took lots of stills, and even a short video (which we’ve been struggling all day to attempt to upload – still no luck, but hope springs eternal…)

We managed to mangle the shots of Ellis Hutch’s Touching space, but her alter ego Kate Murphy kindly came to the rescue with a couple of video stills (thanks Kate!) And in the CCASCube we even caught Gordy in the act with Carla Cescon’s horse’s head – it was clear that WE THREE a participatory story board was attracting plenty of enthusiastic response…

We’ve sensibly broken the coverage of the event into two serves; the work and the social swing. (It simply wouldn’t fit into one post.)

We wish to assure viewers that no kiddies were intentionally exploited in the taking of these photographs.

Snaps of the work at…



One response

13 06 2008
angela meyer

Dear Erica,

It is fabulous to see your art! I love the pic of you and Ruth, amidst a creative interesting exhibition. I would love to hear from you.

Love Angela. xxx

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