Where’s Nigel?…in London at the V&A

31 05 2008

  Kirstie Rea and Klaus Moje at the V&A



Nigel sent these pics from the V&A earlier in the week – in what turned out to be a nice little piece of snap! action alongside Nikki’s chandelier postcard (he had, in fact, taken a shot of that as well – only to find she’d snuck in first!!) Meanwhile he’s now moved on to Gay Paree, so we’re looking forward to the next charm in our little photo-bracelet… 

The Gang has only just arrived back from the extended road trip – and once we’ve managed to sort through the backlog of digis, we’ll bring you all the g(l)oss…



2 responses

31 05 2008

and that’s a Dick Marquis just below the KM, and a Ben and Cathy just to the right! Had to take secret pics, hence the poor exposure!

31 05 2008

I hope you didn’t look at any Bill Hensons there, mister.

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