A (real!) postcard from London: Nikky at the V & A…

26 05 2008


How quaint! We received this postcard in the snail mail yesterday – Nikki picked it out during her recent sojourn at the V & A – so we whacked it in the scanner toot sweet. It’s the perfect postcard (it tells the story of her trip/it addresses our peculiar interests/it even arrives well after the intrepid traveller’s own return!) and a classic addition to our chandelier file. Which, let’s face it, wouldn’t be complete without a Chihuly.

Meanwhile, don’t be alarmed that the posts this week are few and far between. Megsie’s out on the road for about a week gathering dazzling blog fodder (tomorrow she’ll be in Wagga Wagga) and so while the lights are on in the glasscentralcanberra office, nobody is actually home (…except for security trainee Lola who’ll be chewing through another carpet as we speak.)



2 responses

27 05 2008

No! not the carpet! And damn, I took a real pic of the same only the day before yesterday. But I do have some images of friends in glass cases to send you!

29 05 2008

Thanks Nige. Just got your ‘friends’ postcard – will whack it in when we get back to the hide-out. Had a lovely evening with Wills and Aki last night. All happy on the home front. n(Ed)

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