Where’s Nigel?…postcard from New York

16 05 2008


Nigel’s off again on one of his Big War Rug Adventures – and of course he’s kindly keeping a weather eye out for random sightings of tid-bits of a Gang-centric nature. The first snap’s from Grand Central Station (as he says, a man’s gotta eat) and we’ve left it at full plate size for that certain sense of ‘being in the moment’! 



It looks great Nige – though we’re not so sure about the accompanying cocktail sauce. We’ll happily concede that it certainly goes fabulously with the tablecloth, but we remain a tad anxious about colour additives (…can’t be organic, surely…unless it’s pomegranate…) 

He’s also sent through a little something for our chandelier files


and a snap of a really cool piece of glass made by Flavio Poli, back in 1954.

(Boy oh boy – has poor old Flavio been ripped off over the ensuing years or what…)



One response

18 05 2008


bit jealous, in fact

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