The Anzac weekend; it’s all a blur…

28 04 2008


What can we tell ya? This last weekend was a fast and furious family catchup fest. The Gang et al gathered at the hide-out to spend a nanosecond with the li’l bro, Phil (who lives in Colorado but is out here for a few months shooting Wolverine in Sydders.) These days we rarely manage to all get together so obviously we had to make up for lost time, and then some, during his 3-day break (courtesy of Anzac Day) from filming.

Around a day was lost in the travelling (there’s only one plane from Sydders to Merimbula, arriving/departing early arvo) but we nonetheless managed to squeeze in a beach picnic, a game of two-up at the Robbie Burns, a sausage sizzle, an 18 hole golf game (blokes only – the sheilas were chained to the stove), brunch, dinner, and every conceivable beverage known to civilised man; Hanger One kaffir lime Bloody Marys with brekky, all manner of exotic concoctions from elevenses on (Jessica was on kitchen bar duty), Grey Goose Dirty Martinis at sunset, and everyone’s druthers between. (We’ve become quite partial to Black Wattle beer – and who can go past a good Aussie red…?) Bloody marvellous.

And yes, before you ask, Anzac Day was respectfully observed – Chrissie flew up from Melbourne on the Thursday night specifically to catch the dawn service in Canberra before driving down the coast with Pa… 

 We’ve posted the publishable pics at…



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