Fish: flavour of the day at the NGA…

24 04 2008


Timothy Horn’s jellyfish, Stheno, has just been hung in gallery 6 at the National Gallery of Australia, backdropped by Fiona Hall’s sardine tin Paradisus Terristris. It’s a neat, if unrelated, little flip-side to the Andy and Oz: parallel visions exhibition (a collaboration between the Warhol Museum and the NGA) held at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, USA, late last year.

(check out…



2 responses

28 04 2008
Blanche Tilden

Hey Megs
Since you’re mentioning Fiona Hall – I was in Sydney last week and saw her exhibition “Force Field” at the MCA – four decades of amazing, and incredibly inspiring work – definitly a ‘must see’!
x bt

28 04 2008

Yeah, it’s fabulous by all accounts. It was on when we were last up in Sydders, but on that occasion we had so much to do and so little time that we simply had to forgo it. We’ll have to make a special trip – as you say, it’s just too good to miss.


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