Postcard from New Mexico: work in progress…

The Gang just received a postcard, chock-a-block with pure delight, from darling Tim Horn in New Mexico. What a treat! He’s six weeks out from his show at the de Young in San Francisco and sent across these seriously-to-die-for-work-in-progress snaps…

That fabulous carriage is about to be encrusted with sugar. Be still my beating heart.


The above piece of absolute-wall-gorgeousness is already fait accompli, and there’s a chandelier underway.

[Chandeliers again – we might have to start a file…  n(Ed)]

All too divine for words. We’re looking forward to the snaps of the show, finished and installed…

Meanwhile Tim and Art have another work-in-progress; the adorable Chima (below), an abandoned puppy who turned up hungry and emaciated on their doorstep recently. Two months on and she’s now a cuddly bundle of (puppy destructo) love. [And, oh, we know only too well how that works, Timmy. Security-trainee Lola just this week chewed great chunks out of the front-hall persian runner. We’re still besotted with her, but we’re counting off the remaining danger period with gritted teeth… another year to go wethinks!!!]


Post script: One of Tim’s Jellyfush (for the benefit of our New Zealand readers) was installed at the NGA this week. We’ll try to organise a snap. But for those of you who are fortunate enough to be in the vicinity of Canberra, get along and check it out – up close and personal – while you can…(it’ll be up for around three months Pa reckons.)


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