Old fifty-fiver…

(above) the McDonald’s museum/facsimile of the original burgery, opened in 1955.

We’ve always had a soft spot for ’55-ers (apart from Megsie, we haven’t met a ratty one yet…) but hadn’t connected the dreaded Maccas with that ‘golden’ year. A bit of a blight really – though we have to admit that if they’d retained the look of the original, we’d probably be sorely tempted to rock in…

We stumbled across these pics on the web, as you do.  They’re part of a recommended food-museum-drive-tour of America (as in, where to drag the luckless kids for their next family holiday…)


That wiener would probably look pretty good as the new ‘gateway’ sculpture for Canberra, don’t you think Nige?

And, of course, top of the Gang’s list of ‘things we must do before we cark it’ just has to be the Spam Museum and factory…

Oh yeah.

Any takers?

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